2nd Generation Family-Owned Business

TerrAzoia was created with a passion for nature and well-being.


Located in the valley of Rio Touro, Azoia, TerrAzoia occupies approximately 2 hectares of organic farmland and wild inhabitant with trees such as cork, oak, pine, acacia, and eucalyptus.

The farm was started by my parents about 30 years ago. After a long diplomatic life all over the world, they decided to retire back in their homeland. Somehow they ended up driving around the area and stumbled upon the valley of  Rio Touro which is engulfed in the protected land of the Sintra-Cascais Nature Park.  They right away realized its potential though at the time all was in ruins, mostly all covered in brambles and the land was bare from any type of agriculture.

They dreamed and built upon it. They were visionaries. At the time, creating an organic farm was not even a thing, but with amazingly healthy soil and a vision not to destroy such amazing matter, it was the only choice. They always up-kept a beautifully diverse garden, along with fruit trees and a large section for lime trees.

Today, we are working on creating a larger produce section, adding a few more local fruit trees, still keeping our lime production and of course, keep on caring for all the other vegetation species that were already here. and following some of the permaculture principles along with regenerative agriculture basis. This farm will always be an ongoing project of trial and error with local help as well as volunteers.

Casa das Hortas is a hub for the local community. There are four permanent residents, one being Rita Oliveira with extensive knowledge of regenerative agriculture and hemp production.

TerrAzoia's community living produces a variety of fruits and vegetables for personal use, volunteers, workshops, and therapies as well as for local farmer's markets, organic stores, restaurants, and direct clients. 

We create a variety of events where music, farm-to-table experiences, art, and community are achieved.

Mission Statement

To create a sensibility towards the environment, nature, organic and regenerative agriculture through connecting with the soil, volunteering opportunities, guided visits, culinary vegetarian and vegan workshops while following the permaculture principles.


To promote a connection between the individual and the natural space, through organic farming, healthy eating lifestyle and natural and local resources.


Respect for natural resources and endogenous products.





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Apart from our organic farm, we also partner with a few local other farmers and artisans to help the community and better serve our clients with an array of various products.

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