Our Commitment

We owe it to our earth. 

TerrAzoia is committed to take every step to become as sustainable as possible and care for our environment. The small steps we are already taking are:

  • Usage of cloth napkins

  • Recycled toilet and towel paper

  • Metal straws

  • No plastic cups, plates and cutlery

  • All LED light bulbs

  • Energy efficient appliances (A+ or higher)

  • All faucets have aerators or are low water consumption

  • Recycling station

  • All cleaning and toiletry products bought in bulk to avoid single packaging and have the eco labeling

  • Buy local and eco

  • Partnering with local social and green initiatives 

  • Organic farm

  • Bamboo toothbrushes are available for purchase

  • HACCP certified

  • Plant-Based Nutrition Certified

  • Health Coach Certified


  • Immediately inform us if you find a leaking tap or any other water leak.

  • Restrain from overusing water.

  • Only ask us for new towels and bedding after a minimum of 3 nights and if really needed. Changing it prior to the 3rd day will have an extra cost.

  • Open all shutters during the day so to avoid usage of electricity.

  • When leaving the room, make sure all lights are turned off.

  • Avoid leaving wires and/or electrical equipment connected if not being used.

  • Help us to maintain our green and outdoor spaces clean.

  • Use our recycled bins and all organic matter to be placed in the compost.

we use green product we buy or make ourselves

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Azoia, Colares, Sintra, Portugal

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